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Jakemillie – Story to Tell Şarkı Sözleri

Jakemillie - Story to Tell Şarkı Sözleri Yayınlandı...

Jakemillie – Story to Tell Şarkı Sözleri


Şarkı Sözleri :

I got a story to tell uhm…

I got a story to tell

Been to the bottom

I rose from hell (yeah)

I got a story to tell


Rap 1:

Adım Jakemillie

I wanna let this out

Emotional but steady

Let’s go I’m ready

Started from

LIB Kinda

Christian Real Sloppy

Studious sporty and smart A real gentie

Been a rookie Whitie n kacky

DBTHS 8th street sinkor

Rest In Peace To My nigha

Sackie Sackor Shout out to my mommie

Ups n down Always with me.

Balling n schooling Shout out to the

G Blazzers Championship at 18

Then I came to Turkey

Shit became real stressy

Fucked up n made up

Shit was real skunky Ilo been around

That’s my twinie

Together forever

Yeah he always with me

Tomer sertifikasi C1, that was easy

I started real grinding

But still was a dummie

Burak n Miray

Shout out to my homies

But damn

Yeah yeah I changed a lot of rommies

A lot went speedy

A lot started tripping

A lot were faking

But look at my now

Still maintaining

Fuck it I’m winning

God on my side 24/7 Izbasketball

Call me super 11 I graduated now

Look I’m wining Rapping n flexing

Happy with my mommy

Shout out to Kei Larmbo larmbo

We striving Afro dance İzmir

Kbese Yeah we stepping


Yeah Nanobilim

Yeah I’m studying

Black n White Ent

Oh yeah we partying

Uhm what’s his name

He’s still hating

Rolling with the gang Focus on winning

Aksit on the beat There’s no stopping

Muri in the feat fire we spitting

Jakemillie – Story to Tell Şarkı Sözleri


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