Nice words

Nice Words

Nice Words, Nice Sentences NEW


* Love nine times, I’m the tenth, I really love the last.

* You live in my heart but you make your rent …

* On fire; everyone can walk, you know the right way; Walk alone.

* A lie is told for what purpose it is said.

* No matter how big you see yourself. You’re just as much as I see.

* Life changed a camera lens. Unfortunately; You can’t laugh at him.

* Do not look around me very human nature; I’m really lonely.! (Edip Cansever)

* Ders If you say that you come in front of the brother, you will fall and hang; If you say step, you open a step ”

* No matter how old we die, we will have incomplete sentences. (Furug Ferruhzad)

Nice Sentences

* Silences from decent literature, I silenced them

* If you haven’t been able to make paradise where you live, it is hell.

* If you miss someone you can’t touch, long before you touch the heart you miss.

* Beautiful beauty is decency, decency is the reason to love beauty!

* Mevlana is his seven anonymous hero and man is as human as beloved up!

* Expensive perfumery is a marginalized human confidence assurance.

* The most important thing to imagine you is your courage.

* I’ve exhausted my tongue for those who can’t understand, and my heart for the unfaithful!

Pretending to never miss is the hardest thing in the world.

* “Every human being is guilty of all the good he has not done.”


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